Dehydration and Blood Pressure

Understanding the Tie Between Dehydration and Blood Pressure Staying hydrated is important for good health. But did you know it’s also important for your blood pressure? In this blog, we’ll discuss the relationship between dehydration and blood pressure. We’ll explore how dehydration can influence high and low blood pressure.  Continue reading to learn more and … Continued

How Do I Know If My Ribs Are Broken? Here’s What to Know

Experiencing pain in the rib area can be a cause for concern, especially if you suspect that your ribs may be broken after an unexpected accident or injury. While rib fractures can vary in severity, it’s essential to understand the symptoms, appropriate treatment, and when it’s necessary to seek medical attention.  In this blog post, … Continued

Tonsil Stone Causes and Treatment

Tonsil Stone Causes and Treatment Sore throats affect millions of people each year.  From mild inflammation due to allergies to a bacterial infection or tonsil stones, sore throats can cause symptoms like pain and difficulty swallowing. When many people think of sore throats, they often attribute it to a simple viral infection or, sometimes, strep … Continued

What Is Walking Pneumonia?

What Is Walking Pneumonia? Here’s What You Should Know As we find ourselves on the heels of cold and flu season, it can be hard to determine the root cause of our respiratory illness, especially if our symptoms aren’t severe enough to provoke an immediate emergency room visit. Not COVID-19, the flu, or strep throat? … Continued

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Symptoms

What Are the Symptoms of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)? Here’s What You Should Know It’s officially that time of year: cold and flu season. With more time spent in closer contact and quarters with others, germs seem to spread more quickly than ever, leaving us to wonder whether our symptoms are just a cold, allergies, … Continued

Does Cold Weather Cause Colds?

Can Cold Weather Cause Colds? Here’s What You Need to Know You may have noticed that almost everyone you know seems to be coming down with something. From colds and flu to RSV, cold and flu season is fully upon us.  As its name suggests, the common cold is the most common upper respiratory illness … Continued

5 Common Causes of Rapid Heartbeat

An elevated heart rate is usually nothing to worry about if you’re working out, have a job that requires you to be active, or experiencing heightened emotions such as nervousness or excitement. This normal sensation happens to millions of people annually and can be caused by various factors.  Not often linked to a serious underlying … Continued

How Long Does a Cold Last? Here’s What You Should Know

In the United States, on average, adults experience 2-3 colds per year. While that seems like a lot in itself, children are at higher risk and often experience even more. Most common in the fall and winter months, the common cold can affect anyone at any point throughout the year and last quite some time.  … Continued

7 Foods to Effectively Lower Your Blood Sugar

Managing your blood sugar can be challenging, especially if you’re living with diabetes. You’re not alone. In fact, about 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes each year, meaning that blood sugar regulation is top of mind for many people daily. As you may know, certain foods can cause extreme blood sugar hikes, … Continued