Get Quality Urgent Care to Remove Splinters and Other Foreign Bodies


Splinter injuries are common, and the most common are wood splinters, glass fragments, and metallic shards. Most superficial splinters can be removed at home with no difficulty or consequence. However, larger and deeper splinters are often too difficult and/or painful to remove at home.

You may need to see a provider to remove splinters or shards that have broken apart, which often happens during the attempt to remove the foreign body. If not removed completely, a splinter or other foreign body may cause complications, including inflammation, infection, and toxic reactions.

The chances of infection are dependent on the type of material the splinter is made of. For example, organic material—like animal splines or plant thorns—is more likely to cause infection or toxic reactions.

Infection Isn’t Automatic, but Keep an Eye Out for It

Pain and having a sense of a foreign body under the skin are common for splinters of various material types. Often, the splinter will be visible under the skin. There may be light blood flow or no bleeding whatsoever. Watch for these signs that injection may be taking hold and that the foreign body hasn’t been completely removed:

  • Discharge (pus)
  • Increased pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Red streaking

It’s important to remember that any foreign body contains a large quantity of microorganisms (germs), which can lead to infection even if the splinter has been entirely removed. Even with complete removal and thorough cleansing, infection could still develop simply because of breaking through the protective skin barrier.

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