What Can a Blood Test Tell You? 4 Common Blood Tests and What They Show

what can a blood test tell you

Are you considering getting a blood test but your not sure what type would be best for your needs? A blood test is one of the best ways to know more about what is going on with your body and physical well being. 

Stop wondering “what can a blood test tell you?”, and find the best blood test type for you. Know more about yourself and your health by learning more about what blood tests you should get. 

1. A Complete Blood Count Test 

This is a routine blood test that can check for the levels of the major cells in your blood: white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. If this count is off in any way, it could be an indicator of a subtle or more serious type of disease, from nutrition deficiencies to cancer. If your results are of concern to your doctor, they will screen you for another blood test before give you a definite diagnosis. 

This blood test is a good idea for anyone to get, but is especially important for those with a family history of illnesses such as cancer or heart disease. 

2. Sexually Transmitted Disease Test 

Most STDs can be detected using a blood test. This test will often be combined with urine samples and swabs for a more accurate outcome. This test is important for those who have more than one sexual partner to ensure that you are not passing along harmful STDs to others. 

These tests can detect STDs like chlamydia, syphilis, and herpes. Blood tests aren’t always accurate right after the disease is contracted, so it’s best to wait at least a month after your last sexual partner to get the most accurate results. 

3. Thyroid Panel Test

This test is used to check how well your thyroid is functioning. It checks to see how well your thyroid is producing and reacting to certain hormones. If your family has a history of thyroid cancer or thyroid disease, this test is a good idea to try to figure out how to regulate this gland. 

The thyroid is a neck gland that helps regulate body functions. If you are experiencing a change in your overall mood, metabolism and energy levels, it may be smart to get a thyroid test. 

4. Basic Metabolic Panel Test

This test checks for levels of blood compounds like sodium, potassium, and calcium. Irregular compounds may indicate diabetes, liver disease, or hormone imbalances. If there are irregular levels in your test results, your doctor will run additional tests before giving you a diagnosis.  

This test requires you to fast 8 hours before your blood is drawn. 

What Can a Blood Test Tell You?

As you can see, there are many answers to the question “What can a blood test tell you?” depending on what test you or your doctors are choosing. If you have a disease or disorder in your family history, a blood test can help you be more informed about your health. Routine blood tests are a great way to be a step ahead of any health issue. 

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