I Think My Bone is Broken: Can Urgent Care in Amory Help?

urgent care in Amory

Did you know that the average wait and treatment time in an emergency room can take up to two hours? It’s true. Emergency rooms have been experiencing longer wait times within the past few years, but there are other options.

If you think that your bone might have a break or a fracture, you can visit Amory Urgent Care.

Knowing If You Have a Broken Bone

You may break one of your bones if you experience a sudden large impact to your body which puts immense stress on your bones.

This can often occur more easily in young children because their bones aren’t done growing and becoming strong. Another common reason people experience broken bones is from accidents that happen while playing sports.

If either of those reasons weren’t the culprit, it’s possible that you have a bone condition like osteoporosis.

Look at your break; if you can see any bones through your wound, it’s most likely a compound fracture.

Other qualities of a broken arm can be things like areas of swelling or bruising, and misshapen limbs or limbs that look visibly out of place.

Try to move the area where you had the incident. If you can’t move that area easily, you might have a broken bone. You can also experience a numbing and tingling sensation there.

Think Severity and Location

You can get treatment at Amory Urgent Care for most small bone breaks and fractures. Consider going to an emergency room for any severe bone breaks.

When you experience the break, take note where the break is on your body. The location of the break will help you decide if an urgent care clinic is the best place to go for treatment.

Amory Urgent Care is a great option for you if the break is anywhere on your foot, ankle, wrist, or hand. The ER has the ability to handle slightly larger breaks to any of your limbs and other areas of your body.

Using Amory Urgent Care For Your Broken Bone Can Save You Time and Money

Going to the emergency room in a hospital setting can take a long time because they take care of injuries in order of severity, and who needs immediate care.

If you have a minor break or fracture, it’s possible that you’ll have to wait a longer amount of time to be able to receive treatment in an ER.

Amory Urgent Care will more than likely have fewer people at the facility, and will be able to treat you quicker.

You can also save some money by getting treatment at an urgent care clinic. Emergency rooms can end up costing you a lot of money if the doctor needs to call in a specialist.

Other things you pay for are the time of the doctor and the emergency room’s supplies.

Quality Treatment

Amory Urgent Care is a great alternative option to the ER for those looking to treat a broken bone. You’re likely to have a lesser wait time, and will receive quality treatment for your injury.

Amory Urgent Care handles an array of urgent health issues such as burns, fractures, bruises, bladder infections, and fevers.

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