How to Treat a Concussion: A Guide

how to treat a concussion

Between 1.7 and 3 million concussions occur every year, whether it’s because someone has been participating in sports or other recreational activities. Concussions can leave you feeling a host of symptoms and lead you to wonder how to treat a concussion?

That’s the question that we’re here to answer. Before you’ve finished reading this brief guide, you’re going to have a better understanding of what you need to do to treat your concussion and get better sooner.

What Causes a Concussion?

Before we can get into how to treat a concussion, we must first understand what causes concussions. Typically when a concussion takes paces, there is a crisis in the brain.

Because of the impact on the brain caused by a fall or severe head clash, it causes the brain to swell. And if not taken care of, this swelling can be increasingly life-threatening. While some people do get concussions from sports-related injuries, the most common way to get a concussion is simple by falling.

We know what causes a concussion and now here’s how to treat one.


You should be aware that there isn’t a specific form of treatment used to treat a concussion. The reason for this is because each concussion is different depending on the person.

But, one way to treat a concussion is simply to rest. This means taking a break from all activities and spending time in your room or another secluded area away from others.

The rest will ensure that your brain is given the time that it needs to heal, and along with rest, you’ll need to sleep. When you’re asleep is when your body does the majority of it’s healing. Depending on the severity of your concussion, you may only be allowed to sleep in increments of time as a precaution for monitoring your injury.


A common side effect of having a concussion is getting headaches. One way to reduce the headaches you’re sure to have throughout the healing process is by using medication.

For a short period, your doctor may prescribe you a headache medication to minimize your symptoms. And they will also suggest that you completely cease all activity until you’ve healed.

When you’ve got a concussion, you’ll find that you can’t tolerate loud noises or being in brightly lit areas as they can trigger headaches. You may also be prescribed anti-nausea medication.

How to Treat a Concussion Guide

When you’re looking for a straightforward guide on how to treat a concussion, it’s not going to get any more concise than the guide we’ve provided above. It takes a combination of rest, limiting activity, and medication to help someone heal from a concussion.

The first step is diagnosing the concussion, and that’s when you need to get over to the Urgent Care in Amory right away. They have the staff and experience to assist you during this time. All there waiting for is for you to take the first step and contact them today.