How to Tell If Your Ear Infection is Serious Enough For Urgent Care

doctor checking child patient's ear

Have you developed an ear infection and plan on waiting until it goes away by itself? Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy.

The most common cause of ear infections is a blockage of the estuation tube, which controls pressure in the middle ear. Trapped bacteria results in an infection.

Although it’s possible for this to clear up on its own, if you ignore the problem, the infection could spread. That’s why we’re going over some signs that it’s time to visit Amory Urgent Care.

Home Treatment Isn’t Working

There are a number of home remedies that can help with an infection. A warm compress, over-the-counter drops, and even tea tree oil are commonly used.

However, if you’ve tried to get rid of the infection with a home remedy and you’re still having problems after a few days, it’s time to seek help. The last thing you want is for the infection to worsen.

In addition, if symptoms return after you’ve treated the infection at home, it’s time to call Amory Urgent Care.

Intense Pain

Even a very minor infection will cause slight discomfort and pressure in your ear. If this turns into sharp, stabbing pain, you need to see a doctor.

If the blockage that’s causing the infection is bad enough, it puts a lot of strain on your eardrum. Because this is a very sensitive organ, the result is extreme.

If ignored, you run the risk of your eardrum rupturing. This could lead to hearing loss, so make sure to seek treatment right away.


If a fever accompanies an ear infection, it’s past the point of home treatment. It’s time to let a physician take a look.

This is more common in children, but it can happen in adults as well. In addition to a fever, you may also experience cold or flu symptoms.

A physician will most likely need to prescribe an antibiotic. This will clear up the infection and bring the fever down.  


Another sign it’s time to see a physician is if you notice fluid draining from the infected ear. This may happen when you take a shower or use over-the-counter drops.

This drainage could include a number of different fluids. You may notice ear wax, a puss-like fluid, or clear liquid. If you notice blood, get to Amory Urgent Care right away.

Hearing Loss

If your hearing starts to deteriorate during the infection, this means you have a significant blockage. You’re past the point of being able to treat the problem yourself.

Your hearing will come back once the infection starts clearing up. However, if you ignore the issue, you could develop permanent hearing damage as a result of a ruptured eardrum.

You may also notice dizziness along with hearing loss. This is another sign it’s time for professional help.

Let Amory Urgent Care Treat Your Ear Infection Quickly

Once you have a physician treat your ear infection, it’ll start clearing up immediately. There’s no reason to wait it out and risk the infection worsening.  

If you have any of the warning signs discussed above, get to your physician right away.

Amory Urgent Care provides fast, high-quality medical care seven days a week. Contact us today schedule an appointment.