Can You Get a Physical at Urgent Care? Here’s What to Know

A closeup image of a doctor in a white coat holding a stethoscope to a patient’s chest.

Regular physical examinations are essential to maintaining good health and preventing potential issues. 

If you haven’t had a physical in a while or are due for one soon, you may wonder if urgent care is a suitable place to obtain your annual physical.

Before you schedule your next physical, exploring your options and understanding the services provided by urgent care centers are essential. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of annual physicals, discuss whether you can get one at urgent care, and address the cost considerations. 

Let’s dive in and learn more about this topic.

The Importance of Annual Physicals

Annual physicals are vital in monitoring your overall health, detecting underlying conditions, and identifying potential risk factors. 

These comprehensive examinations often include the following:

  • reviewing your medical history
  • a vital signs assessment
  • laboratory tests
  • discussions about preventive care and lifestyle adjustments

Can You Get an Annual Physical at Urgent Care? 

The short answer is yes.

Many urgent care centers, including Amory Urgent Care, offer annual physicals.

While urgent care is commonly associated with immediate and non-life-threatening medical needs, we can also provide preventive care services such as physical or sports examinations. 

Urgent care centers can perform the necessary evaluations and screenings to assess your health status during an annual physical and provide a short- and long-term care plan as necessary.

How Much Is a Physical at Urgent Care? 

The cost of a physical at urgent care can vary depending on factors such as location, specific services provided, and any additional tests or screenings required. 

In many cases, a physical at urgent care can be more affordable than other healthcare settings.

If you have specific questions about costs, it’s best to contact us beforehand and inquire about pricing for physical examinations. 

How Much Is a Physical at Urgent Care Without Insurance? 

If you don’t have insurance coverage, the cost of a physical at urgent care may still be within reach. 

Urgent care centers, like Amory Urgent Care, often offer self-pay options and discounted rates for uninsured individuals. 

Before you come in, it’s recommended to contact us directly to discuss pricing options for uninsured patients like yourself. 

Get a Thorough Annual Physical at Amory Urgent Care

When it’s time for your annual physical, consider visiting Amory Urgent Care. 

Our experienced healthcare team is dedicated to providing comprehensive physical examinations tailored to your specific needs. 

From reviewing your medical history to conducting necessary screenings, we prioritize your well-being and help you stay on top of your health. 

While you can schedule an appointment with us, walk-ins are always welcome. We are open seven days a week to help you with your health and wellness needs — annual physical exam included. 

Don’t overlook the importance of regular physical examinations. Visit Amory Urgent Care today for a thorough annual physical and take proactive steps toward maintaining your health and well-being.