5 Essential Tips for Recovering From an ATV Injury

ATV injury

ATV riding is a dirty, rough, no holds barred sport. It’s an adrenaline fix for the most extreme junkies. In a sport as fast-paced and dangerous as motocross, it’s not a question of “if” you crash – it’s “when.”

Injuries sustained at high speeds have life-altering consequences. Recovering from an ATV injury is a process. If (or when) you’ve been in an accident that resulted in injury, heed these 5 essential tips. 

1. See a Doctor, Seriously

Internal injuries from an ATV are no joke. They obviously can’t be seen, so there’s no way to visually determine the extent of your body’s damage. 

A doctor isn’t always necessary, however. Falling off your ATV and getting a few cuts and bruises is par for the course. But if you’re aching weeks after a spill, you should be seen by a medical professional. 

Often, aches in extremities can be traced back to impingements in the spine. You might not have known you hurt your back, but you may have. Back injuries – when left untreated – can be irreparable. 

Leaving it unchecked will result in long-term, debilitating pain. 

2. Take Some Time to Recover

Our bodies are amazing. With time, our bodies can heal almost all injuries independently of medical treatment.

We’re not advising you to forego a doctor’s visit, but many injuries can be mended with a good night’s rest. And take some time off before hopping back on your 300cc. 

3. Immediately After a Fall

Falling off your ATV vehicle sucks. But it can be a whole lot worse if you’re unprepared for the inevitable. 

Knowing what to do when you’ve taken a spill, or someone else has fallen, can be all the difference. 

Head injuries and spinal injuries should be handled with care.

If you’ve fallen off your ATV, and you think you may have hurt your back, don’t get up. Keeping yourself in an even plane will keep your spine safe. Wait for a professional. 

Be wary of others rushing to your aide, as well. If they’re unaware of this, they may try to lift you from the ground. 

4. Icing an ATV Injury

Some home remedies are tried and true. Icing an injury, in conjunction with rest, can be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Pop on a favorite Netflix show and binge it. Keep an ice pack on your injury for twenty minutes at a time for a few hours. Do this ritual 2-3 times a day.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Back Up

One of the most devastating injuries on an ATV is to your psyche.

Don’t let a spill conquer you. Don’t even let it define you. Having the willpower to get back up on the horse after being bucked off is important for your character. 

Motocross is dangerous. Accepting that after an injury is crucial. But keep riding.

Wear Your Darn Helmets

Motocross is sensationally dangerous. There’s an inevitably of falling off. And there’s a good chance of injury. 

You should see a doctor for a serious ATV injury. Don’t accept medical aide from amateurs for spinal safety. And don’t be afraid to keep riding your vehicle.

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