4 Reasons to Go to Amory Urgent Care After a Minor Car Accident

car crashing into truck

You’ve just been in an accident. You’re shaken up from the shock and you’re worried about the financial and practical hurdles that lie ahead.

Despite your car’s damage, you don’t feel any pain. Why does everyone keep suggesting that you go to see a doctor?

No matter how much you might want to move on with your day, going to an urgent care clinic after a minor car accident is key. Here’s why.

Why Go to Amory Urgent Care After a Minor Car Accident?

The damage to your car doesn’t always match the damage to your body. Here are a few reasons why you need an exam.

1. Find Hidden Injuries

When you’re in a car accident, your adrenaline kicks in. It’s your body helping you have the energy to deal with a dangerous situation. That adrenaline can also delay pain from an injury, though.

It’s common for people to have injuries they don’t feel until hours or days after their accident. Amory Urgent Care has labs and tests to identify and treat these injuries before they get worse.

2. Legal Documentation

It might sound callous to talk about legal action so soon after an accident, but it’s a matter of practicality. Medical bills can ruin any financial security you have if you can’t get the responsible party to resolve them.

The longer you wait, the more legal hurdles you could face. Getting a medical exam should be part of any post-accident checklist. Make sure you also keep any receipts or documents the urgent care clinic provides.

3. Risk for a Concussion

On top of the risk of unknown injuries like sprains or strains, it’s most important to find out if you have a head injury. Concussions are common with even minor car accidents, and they’re easy to treat. If you don’t catch them, though, they can lead to serious problems.

It can be difficult to recognize the symptoms of a concussion in yourself. It’s can be easy for the first responders to miss the signs as well.

At Amory Urgent Care, checking for a concussion is common practice for anyone who was in a car accident. We have the equipment to make sure your brain is safe.

4. More Complete Medical History

Some people don’t go to urgent care because they assume that any minor injuries they have will heal on their own. The might be true, but it might not.

Even a minor injury that doesn’t heal properly can cause more problems in the years to come. If your future doctors don’t know about the accident and resulting injuries, they won’t be able to treat those long-term problems as well.

Instead, Amory Urgent Care will document any sprains, strains, or other injuries you may have. That gives you and your doctors a more complete medical history in the future.

Where to Get Medical Treatment After a Minor Car Accident

If you aren’t sure if you’re injured after a minor car accident, it’s important to get the right medical care.

It doesn’t warrant an expensive and time-consuming trip to the emergency room. However, it’s a bad idea to wait until your general physician has an appointment available. Amory Urgent Care is the perfect middle ground.

The next time you’re in an accident, visit our urgent care clinic.