10 Common Sports Injuries: Prevention and Treatment

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Anyone who has even been involved in sports has likely suffered an injury of one kind or another. Sports tend to be physically demanding, requiring our bodies to endure many forms of stress and trauma.

In the world of athletic endeavor there are many common sports injuries. No matter how good of shape you keep yourself in, the odds are that eventually you’ll suffer from one type of injury or another.

10 Common Sports Injuries: Prevention and Treatment

Summer is around the corner, which also means it’s the season to enjoy outdoor sports. Read this to avoid common sports injuries and learn how to treat them so you can enjoy the summer pain free.

1. Runner’s Knee

Knee injuries are one of the most common sporting injuries treated by orthopedic surgeons. Replacing your runnings shoes and insoles on a regular basis is one of the best forms of prevention. Following an injury, take a break from exercise for a few days and and take some anti-inflammatory medicine.

2. Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries are common in a number of sports. The best form of prevention is to simply stretch properly before exercising. Again, taking a break and using anti-inflammatories are an effective treatment.

3. Achilles Tendinitis

Overuse of the back of the ankle (the Achilles Tendon) can cause major inflammation and pain. Strengthening exercises for the calf muscle and stretching can help prevent this injury. When it gets injured, use RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevate), and anti-inflammatories.

Best sure to wait until it is fully healed before resuming exercise.

4. Concussion

A blow to the head usually causes this injury, causing disorientation and dizziness, among other symptoms. Our best advise for prevention is simply to avoid all contact sports. Recovery requires time and rest, and taking acetaminophen.

5. Ankle Sprain

Ankles sprains are common in sports that require lots of running and turning quickly. Prevention requires strengthening your ankles as much as possible. Treat with RICE, anti-inflammatories, and try to move the ankle to help with blood circulation.

6. Tennis Elbow

Injuries involving the elbow account for around 7% of sports injuries. Again, strengthening exercises are the best prevention, and treat with RICE, physiotherapy, and anti-inflammatories.

7. Pulled Muscle

The most commonly pulled muscles include calves and hamstrings. Prevention is as simple as stretching properly. Treat with RICE and gentle stretching.

8. Groin Strain

Athletes typically suffer this type of injury when making a sudden change of direction while running. This is one of the worst sports injuries, and is another case when stretching is the best advice for prevention. To heal from pulling your groin, take it easy for a couple of weeks, use RICE, and anti-inflammatory medications.

9. Shin Splints

Shin splint pain is caused by inflammation of the muscles that surround the inner side of the shinbone. Wearing good shoes and stretching is going to be the best prevention. Apply ice to the injury, stretch, and take anti-inflammatories.

10. Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can result from any number of sporting activities. Warming up properly is your best bet for prevention, and treat with anti-inflammatories, RICE, and stretching thoroughly.

Taking Care of Your Body

The best way to avoid suffering the most common sports injuries is to make sure your body is as prepared as possible. We cannot overstate the importance of stretching, warming up, and hydrating properly.

No matter how good of shape you keep yourself in, sports are demanding and take a toll on your body. Remember to be a smart athlete so that you can enjoy your favorite sports pain-free for years to come!

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